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Neuer Markt 1
55218 Ingelheim am Rhein
Telefon: 06132/782-216
Telefax: 06132/782-134
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Current events

Festivals in Ingelheim

Red Wine Festival

Das besondere Weinfest an historischen Burgmauern
27. September - 5. Oktober 2014

Rotweink├Ânigin Bettina Menk (Mitte) mit den Prinzessinnen Juliane Nungesser (l) und Christin Zindritsch. Foto: Wolf

There is virtually no other wine festival in the Rhine Hessen region which takes place in such an attractive setting, surrounded by vineyards, as the Ingelheim Red Wine Festival.

Every year on the last weekend in September this popular wine festival is opened with the ceremonial crowning of the Red Wine Queen.

The ÔÇťRed Wine VillageÔÇŁ which is in the romantic area around the Burgkirche (ÔÇťCastle ChurchÔÇŁ) offers the visitors a colourful, varied and ambitious festival programme for a whole week. Along with the many items on the programme in the festival tent and on the open air stage, there is also no shortage of culinary delights at the Red Wine Festival.

The Ingelheim vintners give you a chance to sample the entire diversity of their produce. As well as red, white and ros├ę wines you can enjoy lively sparkling wines. There is also a wide range of snack bars and speciality stalls.

The organisers of the Red Wine Festival, the Ingelheim Red Wine Queen and her Princesses, the Ingelheim vintners and the proprietors of the snack bars and pleasure park look forward to their guests and wish everyone a pleasant and convivial time in Ingelheim am Rhine.

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Harbour Festival

Das Volksfest auf dem Jungaugel├Ąnde
25. Juli bis 28. Juli 2014

A big local festival on the beautifully located ÔÇťJungauÔÇŁ (lit. Young Meadow) directly on the Rhine. A pleasure park with all the fun of the fair, including the latest rides plus fun and dexterity attractions for young and old, which all combine to guarantee a mood full of atmosphere and colour on the banks of the Rhine. Visitors from near and far can enjoy a lively programme in the beer garden with its open-air stage. There is free entry to all events. There is a market selling small goods on all four days of the festival.

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Kerbe ÔÇô Church Anniversary Festival

Gassekerb Gro├č-Winternheim 5.9.-9.9.2014
Kerb Nieder-Ingelheim 12.9.-14.9.2014
Entekerb Frei-Weinheim 17.10.-20.10.2014

Kerb Sporkenheim 24.10.-27.10.2014

The ÔÇťKerbÔÇŁ, a local name for the parish fair was originally a pagan fertility festival or harvest festival which was later adopted by the Catholic Church and given a new meaning. In the Middle Ages this festival became a religious celebration to mark the consecration of a Christian church.

Today the religious context plays only a secondary role. The ÔÇťKerbÔÇŁ is a local festival with a roundabout, stalls and stands where you can eat and drink.

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International Days

Von Liebermann bis Nolde.

Impressionismus in Deutschland auf Papier

5. April bis 15. Juni 2014

The International Days are a cultural commitment by the firm of Boehringer Ingelheim. They have been in existence since 1959 and take place in spring every year, featuring an art exhibition in the old town-hall.





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